Mirena IUD and Mirena Weight Gain

Birth control contraceptives (Mirena IUD…) are used to avoid pregnancy. Additionally, aside from preventing pregnancy, contraceptives are also known to reduce the risk of developing endometrial cancer.

Contraceptives are also useful in enhancing conditions such as acne, premenstrual syndrome and pelvic inflammatory disease.

It also helps to decrease menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, ectopic pregnancy and ovarian cysts. There are several choices out there from condom, pills, injection and others.

Mirena IUD Weight GainMirena IUD is one of the birth control products that can help women to avoid being pregnant. Mirena IUD or levonorgestrel is primarily a female hormone. This is a very useful female hormone to prevent pregnancy because it can alter uterine lining and cervical mucus, which will make it hard for male sperm to go through the uterus. This makes it difficult for a fertilized egg to be attached into the uterus. As a result, conception is impossible to happen.

Mirena IUD Weight Gain in the hand photoLevonorgestrel intrauterine system is a device made of plastic that contains female hormone called as levonorgestrel. This system is placed into the uterus where it gradually let go the hormones to avoid pregnancy for five years. This system is intended for women who have at least 1 child who have a steady sexual relationship.

Mirena IUD intrauterine system can also be used by women who are experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding. This can be an effective way to normalize one’s menstrual period. This hormone is a type of progestin hormone and doesn’t contain an estrogen.

Mirena IUD Insertion and Placement

Benefits of Mirena IUD Intrauterine System

Mirena IUD intrauterine system is very effective because it helps you prevent pregnancy till 5 years. This is very convenient alternative to other contraceptives out there. This is very ideal for newly married couples who are just starting to build a family. If you are just starting a family, it is very ideal to control pregnancy in order for you to build a home for your family. This is imperative if you are just aiming to have a child one at a time. Mirena IUD is also very useful for moms who are working fulltime. Pregnancy can sometimes hinder your plans in life. This will surely help you focus on your career and job.

Possible Side Effects of Mirena IUD

Keep in mind that not all birth control methods may be ideal your needs. Meaning to say you have to know some of the possible side effects. Knowing the side effects will surely help you determine if this is the right birth control method for you.

In case you have experience extreme pain on the lower stomach or your side. This can be an indication of tubal pregnancy. This is a type of pregnancy wherein it develops within the fallopian tube instead of uterus. Tubal pregnancy is a very serious medical emergency. This may just be a side effect of Mirena IUD that can occur in rare case.

Another possible side effect of Mirena IUD or levonorgestrel device is it can be embedded through the wall of the uterus or can form a certain hole into the uterus. If this happens the device may not be effective anymore to avoid pregnancy or it can move on the exterior side of the uterus that can cause infection, scarring or damage to organs. In case of perforation, the doctor may perform a surgery just to eradicate the device.

There are some circumstances wherein you need to call a doctor in case you experience some of the signs and symptoms like severe pelvic pain, severe cramps, extreme dizziness, heavy bleeding, foul-smell discharge, vaginal watery discharge, weakness, pale skin, chills, fever that can be the sign of infection, painful sexual intercourse, sudden weakness and numbness of the body, sudden or extreme confusion, headache or sensitivity to light, jaundice or allergic reaction.
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Mirena Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the side effects of Mirena intrurertral system. If you are being conscious of your weight or figure, Mirena IUD might not be the one you need. Contraceptives are known to cause weight gain. This is because these have an effect on the natural flow of the female’s body. Weight gain is one of the most common causes of contraceptives.

As you know, some chemicals in the body react with these properties and fluid retention is one of these. Fluid retention plays a very imperative way on how an individual gain weight. This is noticeable for women who are using contraceptive like Mirena IUD. On the other hand, there are some women who have a rapid metabolism. They are lucky because they don’t have to suffer the side effect of Mirena like weight gain.

How to Prevent Mirena Weight Gain

Mirena IUD is indeed an effective contraceptive to avoid pregnancy. On the other hand, weight gain is one of the obvious side effects of Mirena IUD. If you don’t want to gain weight, it is very imperative to get enough exercise and eat the right food.

Getting a workout or exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight weight gain. By burning the fats and calories by working will surely keep you fit and healthy. Your exercise does not have to be extreme, simple walking, jogging, swimming or dancing is already enough way to make sure that you can avoid gaining weight.

Eat foods like fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibers as these can help to lose weight effectively. Do not forget to drink a lot of water as it cleanses the body’s impurities and toxins. This will also help you obtain a healthy and radiant skin.

Mirena IUD is indeed a very useful way to prevent pregnancy. However, before you try this contraceptive, it is important to consult your physician. Consulting your doctor will surely be an advantage to help you decide if Mirena IUD is the best option.

Remember that Mirena IUD intrauterine system will be placed into your uterus to prevent pregnancy, so it is best to consult an expert about this. Consulting your physician will also help you place this system on the right location in the uterus.

Birth control method like Mirena IUD is an ideal way for you to prevent pregnancy and plan your life well. Before you use this method, make sure to follow the instruction very well. Weight gain is just a minor side effect of this method. If you are not too conscious with your figure, it is just okay to use them.