Control Mirena Weight Gain with Detox Program

Selecting the best contraceptives is a challenging task for all women out there. This is simply because of many factors that come prior to selecting the appropriate pill or device for contraception like past surgical or medical history, duration for that contraception required, ease of usage and personal choice. The cost of the therapy and […]

Control Mirena Weight Gain with Hula hoop

Mirena Weight Gain has been the major problem of many women who have used the intrauterine device after months of letting the device on. After reading many stories about weight gain from people who have also chosen Mirena, I think it’s the right time for me to share what I have been through to lose […]

How to Prevent Mirena Weight Gain

Preventing mirena weight gain, for some people, is not really easy. Well, for me, it wasn’t really that easy at first either. When I started to use Mirena, I have actually noticed a lot of changes in my body, and during several months of using it, I realized that I was gaining so much weight […]

Is Mirena Weight Gain Your Worst Enemy?

Mirena weight gain has been a great issue among women that use this mode of contraceptive. Losing weight is far from reality especially once you decide to have it removed. Studies reveal that Mirena IUD is truly effective as a convenient and effective contraceptive, but there are potential side effects. Before you start using Mirena, […]