Control Mirena Weight Gain with Detox Program

Selecting the best contraceptives is a challenging task for all women out there. This is simply because of many factors that come prior to selecting the appropriate pill or device for contraception like past surgical or medical history, duration for that contraception required, ease of usage and personal choice.

The cost of the therapy and other essential hormonal aberrations also greatly affect the option for a contraception method. These past few years, some contraceptives were made, accepted and disregarded as of cost and lasting complications. But the common contraceptive Mirena gained reputation and the FDA approved it for safe lasting usage in about 25 countries.

On the other hand, there are many women from different parts of the world who complain upon using this method such as experiencing Mirena bloating and weight gain.

Mirena bloating and weight gain are the common side effects of utilizing Mirena. Weight loss upon Mirena treatment can be overwhelming, so before knowing what the best detox program to control the Mirena weight loss gain is, it is essential to know more about the Mirena side effects. For those who are using or have used this method or planning to use this method, it is essential to know what this means.


  • Is the first feminizing hormone
  • The powerful female hormone
  • It opposes estrogen
  • Lets gestation of a kid
  • Secures you against cancer

Women require an adequate amount of estrogen in their body to equalize estrogen. The progesterone suppression leaves woman in a case of estrogen dominance that improves the danger of developing cancer such as breast cancer.

In addition, estrogen dominance is accountable for signs like water retention, Mirena bloating and weight gain, premenstrual tension, insulin resistance, foggy thinking, mood swing, depression and breast tenderness. Some women just encounter a number of these signs, but those who use this method are susceptible to all symptoms.

I have a 42 year old friend who had estrogen dominance upon mirena IUD removal. My friend Carla had a background of many times of miscarriages, cramping, heavy bleeding and weight gain which she thought was impossible to lose. My friend’s complexities with her periods started upon mirena removal. Her mother and sister who are also very good friends of mine had breast cancer and hysterectomies. She assumed to follow a similar way.

Her laboratory examinations confirmed estrogen dominance. Upon using natural progesterone and taking herbs as well as supplements recommended in the detox program, Carla lost 32 pounds. Once she continues her routine, she has the possibility to largely reduce the risk of hysterectomy and avoid breast cancer. Carla can also reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The detox program is designed to restore the hormonal equilibrium naturally caused by herbs, foods, lifestyle changes, natural supplements and latest rituals.

How Control Mirena Weight Gain with Detox Program?

This program restores the internal production of progesterone naturally and at the same time, improves the progesterone levels to keep it in the optimal range. It also lessens the excess levels of estrogens and reverses estrogen dominance. Lack of progesterone to equalize the estrogen results in many side effects normally related to Mirena.

So, to restore balance upon removal of Mirena, you have to bring down the levels of estrogen naturally. This is the effective way to lose weight fast.

Detoxify the system from heavy metals and toxins which are present in Mirena like copper and silicone. The main reason why lots of women encounter crippling side effects is because of copper toxicity.

Strengthening the immune system of the body is ideal in order to fight fungus, bacteria, viruses, microbes and infections which are by accident caused by ParaGard IUD or Mirena.

Why Detox Program is the best way to control weight gain?

Mirena detox programThis detox program is the advanced detox program available out there, because it is largely based on current study findings which are less than five years old.

Other professionals are not aware about this findings and still suggesting short term and incomplete solutions.

This detox program functions on the root cause of the symptoms, instead of the signs themselves.

Other programs and cures will be efficient in eliminating the signs temporarily, but they return after a while as the main cause of the concern has never been dealt with.

This detox program is supported by scientific study evidence and findings. All the techniques in the detox program have been verified to be efficient in enhancing female hormone.

The detox program is safe because it is made from 100 percent all natural ingredients. No synthetic supplements required and no pharmaceutical drugs included. The whole thing is comprehensively natural and safe as well as gentle.

How to control Mirena weight gain is easy once you are equipped with essential information on how to address this concern. You have to take time and research properly in order to get the best detox program to effectively control Mirena weight gain.