Control Mirena Weight Gain with Hula hoop

Mirena Weight Gain has been the major problem of many women who have used the intrauterine device after months of letting the device on. After reading many stories about weight gain from people who have also chosen Mirena, I think it’s the right time for me to share what I have been through to lose weight after it was removed.

The fact that I have noticed many changes in my body was very frustrating since I was not only gaining weight, but I also suffered from being bloated. It is given that gaining some weight after Mirena is just one of the common side effects that women can get from its use. The process of losing weight has been a very huge challenge for me since I cannot spare enough time to start losing weight in the gym.

Since I am starting to lose all my unwanted fats because of Mirena Weight Gain, I found out several things that I can do to start losing weight even when I am staying at home or even in my office. I am happy that I had found a special and exciting way of shedding pounds through the use of hula hoop.

I can say that hula hooping has been an effective way for me in preventing Mirena Weight Gain after it was removed. With the use of some circle hoops, I started rolling these at my scheduled times. I also managed to do various routines with my hula hooping, which made the losing weight process enjoyable since I am not really feeling it was a work out.

What I did is I have set my schedule of sparing at least 10 minutes in the morning and at night for my daily hula hooping routines. After several days of continuous routines, I have noticed that my waist line is already losing several inches.

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I loved how it works for me, since I know that I will not have enough time focusing with various gym workouts while thinking about chores and other things I have to do. Without the stress of completing and sets of workouts, I managed to enjoy losing weight and prevent Mirena Weight Gain from changing my body continuously.


losing extra pounds after mirena removal with my daily hula hoop routinesSince hula hoop routines are requiring constant pull and push contractions within the core muscles like the sides of the waists, abs, thighs and glutes, my body is able to lose some weight I had especially in my belly.

As I have used heavier hoop, its added resistance gave an impressive way of sculpting and reshaping my body just the way how I wanted it to be.


losing extra pounds after mirena removal with my daily hula hoop routinesWithout thinking about the possible Mirena Weight Gain, I made it possible to have fun while losing extra pounds with my daily hula hoop routines.

It was not only an experience that I have enjoyed doing but also my own way of getting rid of the unwanted pounds I gained because of Mirena.


Now, I am enjoying the result of my daily hula hoop routines and would recommend it for those women who are also suffering from Mirena Weight Gain and wanted to lose weight even at home.