How Common Is Weight Gain With Mirena?

Birth control contraceptives like the Mirena IUD are being used in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In addition, aside from the fact that this can prevent pregnancy, these are also known as medicines that can reduce the risk to develop an endometrial cancer.

At the same time, contraceptives are very useful to enhance conditions like premenstrual syndrome, pelvic inflammatory diseases and acnes.
This can also help in decreasing rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual cramps, ovarian cysts, and ectopic pregnancy. There are a lot of choices available out there from injection, pills, condom and a lot more.

Mirena IUD is known to be one of the products for birth control which will be able to help a lot of women to avoid pregnancy. Levonorgestrel is mainly a female hormone.

This is a useful hormone which can be used to prevent pregnancy since it could alter the cervical mucus and the uterine lining that will make it difficult for the male sperm in going through the uterus. This will make it hard for the fertilized egg to get attached on the uterus. As an outcome, conception will be impossible to happen.

Side Effects of Mirena IUD

Always bear in mind that not all of the birth control methods will be perfect for your needs. This means that you always need to know the possible side effects of the contraceptives that you are taking as well. Having an idea of the side effects will really help you to identify if this is the perfect contraceptive for you.

Weight gain is known to be one of the side effects of Mirena IUD. Given a chance that you are a conscious person when it comes to your figure or weight, this might be something that you will never need.

As a matter of fact, you have to know that contraceptives are here with us and they always cause weight gain. This is because of the fact that contraceptives have a great effect on the natural flow of the body of a female so as a result, weigh gain is one of the typical results of a contraceptive.

As we all know, some of the chemicals in our body are reacting with these properties and the fluid retention is considered to be one of these. The fluid retention is playing an imperative way on how each person will be able to gain weight.

This will be noticeable for the women who are using contraceptives like the Mirena IUD. However, there are these women who have a fast metabolism. They are considered lucky because of the fact that they do not have to suffer from the Mirena weight gain.

Preventing Weight Gain with Mirena

Mirena IUD is a very effective contraceptive in case you want to avoid pregnancy. However, weight gain is one of the most noticeable effects of this birth control method. In case you never ever want to gain weight, it will be very important for you to have enough exercise and of course, have the proper diet and always eat the right food that you need.

Getting a proper exercise or workout is one of the most efficient ways in order for you to fight Mirena weight gain. By burning your calories and fats through the help of a proper exercise will surely keep you healthy and fit.

In case you want to do this, the exercise does not have to be really extreme, a simple dancing, swimming, jogging or even walking will already be enough if you really want to make sure that you want to avoid weight gain.

At the same time, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables which are rich in fibers will also help you because they can help you to lose weight effectively. In addition, you must never forget that you need to drink a lot of water because this cleanses the toxin and the impurities inside your body. At the same time, this can also help you get a radiant and a healthy skin.

Mirena IUD is a useful way in case you really want to avoid pregnancy. On the other hand, before you try this kind of birth control method, it will be very important of you are first going to consult your doctor and physician. Consulting a doctor will be able to give you a great advantage that will help you in deciding if Mirena IUD is a best option for you.

According to the manufacturer, at least 5% of the women who are using Mirena will gain weight. In addition, a lot of experts believe that these weigh gains that are caused by the various birth control methods are because of the hormone estrogen.

So if you are in the stage where you want to prevent an unexpected pregnancy, Mirena IUD will be able to help you greatly but make sure that you are ready for the consequences that it can give you. In one way or another, your sacrifice will always be worth it.