How to Prevent Mirena Weight Gain

Preventing mirena weight gain, for some people, is not really easy. Well, for me, it wasn’t really that easy at first either. When I started to use Mirena, I have actually noticed a lot of changes in my body, and during several months of using it, I realized that I was gaining so much weight and I was also always bloated. Weight gain is one of the most common side effects of using mirena and losing weight can really be challenging especially in my case, since I really do not have enough time to go to the gym to start my weight lose regime.

Fortunately, I have come to realize that there are still a lot of things that I can do to lose weight even at the comfort of my home or even at the office. I have found a lot of fun and exciting ways to get rid of my extra pounds.

1. Hula Hoop – Burn More Calories within Just A Few Minutes!

Hula hooping is one of the most effective ways to prevent mirena weight gain. Just take some circle hoops and start get to rolling. When it tried doing several hula hoop routines, I barely felt like I was working out because it was really enjoyable and fun.

I tried hula hooping ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night and within just a few days, I realized that I lost a few inches from my waist line.

Because hula hooping requires some constant push and pull contractions in my core muscles such as the sides of my waist and my abs as well as in the thighs and glutes, those added resistance that was created by a heavier hoop created a remarkable way of reshaping and sculpting in every right places in my body.

Also, hula hooping is really fun and exciting to do. This is offering an exciting exercise routine that really helped me lose weight in the process.

2. Detox Program – Eat Clean to Help you lose Weight

A detox program typically begins with eating clean foods that will detoxify your body. When is started applying a detox program in my daily routine to help me prevent mirena weight gain, I realized that it does not only give me the advantage of losing weight, but it also helps me in having a healthier and stringer body.

A Detox program really works for me and it helps me eat the right kind of foods while I am doing all my exercise routines.

3. Console Workouts – Cut off the Excess fats in your Body in a Few Days!

The best thing about console workouts is that these allow me to enjoy while losing my weight. Console workout is one of the most effective workout routines that help me lose weight caused mirena weight gain.

Aside from losing weight, this also gives me the advantage of having so much fun doing it. These workouts also come with additional accessories that helped me enhance my weight loss regime.

There are also various sports games in the disc that helped me cut off excess fats in my body.

4. Zumba – Do the Moves and Enjoy a Fit Body

When I suffered from Mirena weight gain, I knew that I need something to help me get back into shape. I did zumba and it really helped me to lose weight since it forces me to drink more water and sweat even more.

I do not really have to enroll on zumba classes because I can always do it in the comfort of my home. I just bought some discs that provide great zumba routines and it really didn’t feel like a workout for me because it is really fun and enjoyable.

5. Jump Rope – Cut Off excess Fats in your Body in thirty Minutes

Since I didn’t have enough time going to the gym, I also tried this type of exercise. Jump rope is really a fin exercise that helped me solve my problems with mirena weight gain.

This form of exercise helped me to increase my cardiovascular fitness, thereby improving my ability to perform my daily task productively.

6. Rollerblading – Enjoy and Stay Fit

Rollerblading is really an exciting form of exercise that had helped me prevent mirena weight gain. The benefit of rollerblading is really undeniable. It does not only help me with my weight loss goals, but it also helped me boost my energy level.

This is a fun activity that have helped burn more calories in a just a very short period of time.

7. Run and start Burning 370 calories in just 30 Minutes

Running is undoubtedly an effective way that can help anyone to lose weight. When I was struggling to get rid of the excess fats in my body because of mirena weight gain, this has been one of the best form of exercises that have helped me stay in shape. To be able to take more advantage of his exercise, keep both of your arms close to your body that sways lightly while running.

8. Cycling – Boost Weight Loss in no Time

Cycling is really challenging and it is offering a great workout that helped me prevent mirena weight gain. This has really been beneficial for me because it burns calories and it improves my health perfectly. This also allows me to burn calories by increasing my heart rate.

9. Tennis – Start burning Calories in Thirty Minutes

Tennis is also another enjoyable and fun way that helped me get rid of fats in my body. With the goal of preventing mirena weight gain, playing tennis even when I was alone was really perfect.

10. On the dance floor – Move Get rid of Excess Fats in your Body in Short Time

Moving on the dance floor has been one of the most exciting ways that helped me with my mirena weight gain issues. Also, choosing the right rhythm had helped me do the right move to lose weight and stay fit!

Mirena Weight Gain is no longer an issue for me because these great exercises did not only allow me to lose weight but also helped me enjoy and have more fun while doing them!