Side Effects of Mirena IUD

In an attempt to help every woman to control birth, Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) is invented.

This device is a form of contraception which is implanted into the woman’s uterus.

It is a plastic frame that looks like T-shape. It can be helpful for woman in order to prevent pregnancy as long as five years after the insertion of this device into the uterus.

However amidst the long-term benefit that can be provided by Mirena IUD, there are also undeniable side effects.

Some of these effects can even give you a fatal harm.

That is why you have to be knowledgeable about the use and side effects of Mirena IUP before you finally decide to use it.

Below are the following side effects of Mirena IUD that can be unfortunately provided by Mirena IUD.

1. Acne – This is the side effect that can be noticeable as early as 3 months of using the Mirena IUD. But it is even worse if you have already this skin condition, because it can be further improved upon using the said contraception. Also, even if you do not have this skin condition before, there is a great possibility that you can start having it by making use of this contraception.

2. Weight change– When you start using the said contraception, change in weight is very lightly to occur. It is because this contraception will give you the feeling of always being full, thus you will think that you do not have to eat meals even if the mealtime has already occurred. At some point, you will also feel that your abdomen is tightened.

3. Nausea – During the use of Mirena IUD, you can also experience this health condition. In fact, there are some reports that there are other women who experience not just a simple health condition like this one, but a severe type. And this is because they are using too the Mirena IUD.

4. Mood changes– This side effect of using Mirena IUD is seemingly very minor. However, this simple side effect can cause a problem to your relationship with your partner. There might be some instance that your partner will not understand your mood swings, regardless if he knows that you are using the Mirena contraception. Of course, more than anyone else, only you can understand what really is happening to you.

5. Breast tenderness – This side effect also bears a great possibility to occur when you are using Mirena. The effect varies, because in some women it can be less severe, while in other women it can be severe. If the tenderness of the breasts is severe, it can lead you to having the breast cancer.

6. Vaginal discharge – This side effect is also very much possible to occur. Since the Mirena UID is made of plastic, it is not so surprising if it will produce bacteria in your uterus which will then result to vaginal abnormality or worse, infection.

7. Abnormal bleeding patterns – The insertion of Mirena UID can also result to the bleeding patterns which are abnormal. During your menstruation periods, there are times that you will notice that the blood loss is decreased compare to the usual blood loss that you have, while there are also times that you will notice that the blood loss is increased in comparison again to your usual blood loss.

When it comes to the count of bleeding days, it usually declines while you are using the said contraception. However, if you notice that the abnormality in your bleeding patterns becomes more severe, much as well that you should remove the contraception.

8. Abdominal or stomach pain – Pain in the abdomen or stomach can be also caused by using Mirena IUD. This is directly related to the weight change. It is because while you are using this contraception, you will feel that your abdomen is tightened. This might then result to pain in either abdomen or stomach.

9. Dizziness – This another side effect that is seemingly simple yet can still be an issue when it comes to your health. While you are using the said contraception, there is a great chance that you will feel dizzy most of the times. Although this side effect is manageable, it is still better if this will not occur even if you are using the said contraception.

10. Headache – Cases for this side effect vary. There are women who experience only mild of it, while there are other women who experience it in a severe condition. This minor health problem can be attributed to the compatibility of the device in the uterus.

If you are new to using this contraception, there is a great chance that you can experience the annoying pain in the head it might bring. In addition, this can also happen while you are suffering from queasiness.

11. Unusual tiredness or weakness – Another side effect that you might experience when using the Mirena IUD is the tiredness or weakness that you will feel very rare. There might be some times when you are feeling okay, while there are also few times when you feel like you are very tired or weak. This side effect can also worsen a certain health condition such as migraine or queasiness.

My Mirena Warning to you!

Base from the side effects mentioned above, it is still much better if you will ask first for the opinion of a doctor regarding the use of Mirena IUD. No matter how you want to achieve the birth control, it is still safe if you will consider other forms of contraception aside from Mirena IUD. Contraceptive pills.